Happy New Year 2019

Happy new year 2019 folks. Yet another year passed so quick, ain’t it? 2018 is finally moving apart from us taking all sweet, happy, sad moments with it. New year coming, with a brand new course of precious moments. Just wait and see what is there waiting for you.

Happy New Year 2019, this heart-melting occasion is going to be on Tuesday, as we all know on 1st January and 2019 A.D. Everyone, apart from their daily lifestyle, enjoy this day alike.

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Holidays on Happy New Year 2019

Holidays of this occasion already starts a week or two before. Starting from Christmas and followed by New Year, these few weeks are a really breathtaking joy. These few weeks all of us are on holidays and so most people prefer a long tour especially in this part of the year. Whole family trip or trip with friends, all are enjoyable in this festive season.

How do we celebrate Happy New Year 2019

We all know how we celebrate, still, let me highlight vital points so you don’t miss any joy.

If you are a Party Person

  • Never miss mid-night Picnic or New Year Eve party. You may visit your friends home or a club or move to an untrodden location with friends for a picnic.
  • May hire some music system and get for a dance. Yeah, have to make every moment special.
  • Stay wide awake until 12 AM. And the moment new year arrives, wish all your dear ones Happy New Year 2019.

If you are introverted homesick

Well, for introverts, Party is never a great choice. You better be on the bed and check the whole thing on social media on the mobile phone. But don’t miss the occasion, this day does not come that often you know? Even if it is only with mobile, don’t miss it.

To do on New Year Day- Resolution

Next, on the New Year Morning first thing, you need to do is to take Resolutions.

Slowly think about all those dreams that you could not achieve in 2018. Make a list. Include all your dreams up for next year to fulfil. Include all these in the list. These could be your weight loss goals, learning any new skill or any financial goals or more.

These are your goals for 2019. Try your whole heart to achieve all of these.

Think of next year, that is 2020 as a deadline. Try to achieve your goals within this brand new year.

New year comes along with a lot of hope. Maybe these resolutions are among such hopes for a better future.

Wish your friends and Family a Very Happy New Year 2019

Next comes is to wish all your friends, family and dear ones a very happy new year 2019. You can send them cards, or send them letters. You may even call them on phone or bring them at home for a feast.

Now, do you know cards are not that affectionate? They are ready-made. You know the real affection comes out when one creates something by their own hand. Slowly and slowly, day by day when someone creates a card by their own hand to gift to the special one, this has a lot more love within.

Instead of cards, you may present other items too. Take a look at this video from 5 Minutes Craft. This will help you to get creative ideas.


Happy New Year 2019. Another amazing year passed by and leads us to 2019. New Year is just like a never-ending cycle. As long as we humans will evolve, years and years will pass by and this will continue to be a Happy new year 2019 followed by 2020, 2021, 2022… and perhaps will not diminish unless entire humanity perish. Well, that simply does not mean time will stop, it means we will not be present to count time.

Until we exist as a human form, we will keep celebrating, Happy New Year 2019.


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